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Stories For Those Who Love To Read.

Simeon's Promise II

Inhaling the mingled scents of pine and parched earth, Simeon perched on a forested hill in New Mexico meditating on the woman being tended to by his unlikely partners. Weeks before, he'd been breathless when she arrived at the gates of Leavenworth Penitentiary. Their time together since was volatile...chaotic. But then she vanished.

Someone abducted Nadine. A reality that should have meant nothing to Simeon. But the truth was he became desperate to find her—frantic in a way he would have never believed possible. That was when he understood entirely. The two of them were linked in ways that defied explanation or understanding.

But their improbable bond could be explored over time. Now that he found her it was time to interrogate the people who took why. He stood to take the first step back to where the others held them, his soul shifting from wonderment toward antipathy. By the time his foot touched earth for the third time, remorse had left him...

Simeon's Promise 

Bending to the will of her incurable psychosis, a mentally ill but calculating Nadine fabricates the intricate lie that robs Simeon of his life—and liberty. Fourteen years later—a seeming lifetime, the Secretary of State’s daughter comes forward with the stunning truth that sets her innocent victim free.  But Nadine’s mind is far from tamed.  Uncontrollable and unfulfilled desires still torment her.

No family...his parents deceased; Simeon Carver exits Leavenworth with a conflicted soul because of who is waiting outside. Nadine Porter, the very woman who framed him, is the lone person there when he passes through the final gate toward freedom. Incredibly, the enigma who stole his existence remains the pivotal fixture in his world.

But there are deeper secrets surrounding the woman journeying alone to retrieve the object of her relentless infatuation. Secrets that may lead a vulnerable Simeon to his death as he struggles to honor a promise to a mother and father who begged a fractured son for only one promise before their passing—forgive Nadine in the hope that he might become whole again.

Consider JobE

His family torn from him, his body and soul battered, Damion Garner experiences hell on earth. When the devout husband is tested by the devil with God’s permission; the modern man of faith finds himself alone in his misery. Suddenly and completely reviled by a once loving wife along with an indifferent world, Damion has no idea what has happened to him. He knows only that like the biblical Job€, he is at the mercy of powers beyond his understanding or control. Tormented by mankind’s eternal, unrelenting enemy, his demise is devastatingly complete. Will his restoration be as miraculous?   


Stranded during an impossible mission into the heart of the Third Reich, Vince LaSalle runs the race of his life. Hunted by the sociopathic Nazi Artur Kolinski, the black soldier has nowhere to hide. But failure is not an option. He has to make it home with the recovered files he carries. Anything less means that Vince is dead, and the documents are once again at the disposal of men who would use them to subdue the world.

 In England, the rescued spy team tries to help Vince any way possible. But their mission has too many faces to know them all. There's still a hidden network at large that is killing Allied agents. And it falls to the vagabond collection of nationalities to find and eliminate it.

But there's more...Artur Kolinski will bring the fight to England.

Foreign Son

Combating a ruthless enemy abroad and one equally daunting at home, son of Harlem, Lieutenant Vince LaSalle has come back to New York for a single day. Tomorrow, he leaves to rejoin his unit in England. Heartsick with love and worry for the soldier who unexpectedly appears on her doorstep every moment that he is away at war, Vierna Lillis nearly collapses with surprise. The couple’s brief reunion begins a story that traverses the globe and takes both to places neither could have imagined.

In England, Vince becomes associated with Jan Holling, an adjutant to her nation’s code breakers and the woman chosen to journey into Berlin on a harrowing mission. When her and the international team she’s a part of are captured and tortured, because of fears about secrecy, an outsider is needed to affect a rescue. 

Having proven himself to Charles Petrie, a clandestine member of Britain’s secret services and the one man in a position to utilize his abilities, Vince is recruited and asked to do the impossible—steal into the heart of the Third Reich with the help of the Polish resistance and get Jan and the others out. Amazingly, the dark soldier achieves his target. But will any of them make it out alive?

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