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About the Author

Originally from Kansas City, Missouri, Lewis Kelley has lived and is living an eclectic existence. Happily married to his wife, Anita, for nearly forty years, he is the father of two sons (Dominique, a professional Standup comedian who goes by De’ Kelley on stage: Isaiah, who is both a musician, Rebel Minority in the music world, and an actor, and, finally, there is his daughter, Shae, who is a globetrotting professional basketball player and WNBA champion. He is also the grandfather of three very energetic grandkids. Lewis retired from the Denver Fire Department as a lieutenant after nearly twenty-eight years of service and is also a US. Army veteran, as well as, former collegiate athlete who parlayed his athletic experience and knowledge into a coaching role, much of which was associated with the Denver Public School system. In addition to his writing endeavors, Lewis is also partnered with his wife, Anita, in running their centrally Colorado located hobby farm (Anisha’ Farms) where they grow wholesome, heirloom produce and produce soaps and other products good for the body and soul.

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